Monday, August 15, 2005

This Space Available

It's taking a little too long for the follow-up release from Miighty Flashlight (the self-titled debut hit stores way back in 2002). This folk-pop side-project of Mike Fellows (of indie-faves The Getaway Car and Rites Of Spring) was recorded inbetween his hired-hand studio stints with Smog, Will Oldham, Royal Trux...pretty much anyone on the Drag City roster. The album as a whole is as hazy and relaxed as the vintage poolside scene on the cover. As such, it's a CD you listen to the same way you lounge outside during a warm summer evening. Until the sequel arrives (I'm talking to you, Mike), I thought it would be nice to revisit Forget This Space in the meantime. You can buy the entire CD at Kill Rock Stars.

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