Sunday, August 14, 2005

Parlez-Vous Francais, Mr. Peecat?

The stylish retro pop look of Katerine has changed somewhat since his initial albums. Nowadays, he's more content to slump over naked (as on Les Creatures, top left) or cavort freely with chesty models in a futuristic leotard drag (as he does on his latest CD, Robots Apres Tout, bottom left). Laziness/lack of cash flow has prevented me from purchasing the latter, so here's a track from the former: Je Vous Emmerde, a jaunty little number which, according to my laughable knowledge of French, translates to "I, You Emmerde". Huh?? Perhaps a reader possessed of more intimate knowledge of the French language can write and let us all know what he's singing about. You can order either cd from the always-reliable Music Stack.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I'm gone for a week
and suddenly there's more than I can catch up with in a short visit.

Whoo hoo!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was able to locate your blog. I'm diggin this song! Is the rest of the album as good as this song?

Disco:Very said...

It depends on your definition of "good". The track I posted is one of the more accessible (read: pop). A lot of the others are a lot more "arty" and experimental. I'll try posting some more soon to give you an idea.

a french reader said...

"Je vous emmerde" means: "fuck you". Really.