Friday, August 12, 2005

Books: Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialecticts of Poodle Play. A dense read but even a non-Zappaphile would find its takes on politics, feminism, avant-garde history and rock conformism satisfying.

Ads: Those creepy (local?) ads for Bedmart. The spokeswoman inviting me to a good night's sleep while inducing nightmares with her uber-plastic delivery gives irony a bad name.

Food: Portabello mushrooms with goat cheese and roasted bell peppers. The answer to all life's problems.

TV: Martha Stewart's The Apprentice. Will she make contestants run over baby chicks as one of her tasks?

Film: Nine Lives, forthcoming film from Rodrigo Garcia. A slightly flawed work but loaded with many emotionally charged moments and more than a few brilliant performances.

Toys: Mac The Ripper. Enriching my life, one burn at a time.

Life: America's ignorant backward slide towards Intelligent Design. Devo, come home. All if forgiven.

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