Friday, August 05, 2005

A Room As Big As My Heart For You, The Readers

Mea culpa, my half-dozen devoted readers, mea fucking maxima culpa. The reason I have not posted in almost two months is the very room you see before you. To complete this home improvement project involved scrubbing the walls with TSP solvent, applying compound, sanding every surface to a smooth finish, painting a prime coat followed by a latex coat, then laying the floor brick by brick. Such are the vexations of owning a home. It felt like it was going to take forever, and it took up nearly every ounce of free time I have, but it's finally done. My only regret is that the blogging suffered as a result. From here on in, I promise you this: I will devote all my waking time and energy to this blog and posting music for you, The Common Folk, the little people I love so much. In this I will never again waiver (except when I'm in Glasgow in two weeks, and then off to Telluride, Colorado after that, and also during Christmas vacation). Check back soon for some wonderful mp3 posts.

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