Monday, January 07, 2008

Taking Flight

Snicker at me if you must, but I'm shedding tears (above and below the waistline) over the Flying Nun: Heavenly Pop Hits documentary currently being offered in various segments all over You Tube. It's more than an historical perspective on one of indie music's most thrilling success stories, it's also a chance for non-New Zealanders (such as moi) to see rare footage and music clips for the first time. Why, the mere act of watching my pop heroes The Clean mug and bounce to some of their early hits is enough to make me give up oxygen for Lent.


Highlander said...

Thanks for the tip about the documentary - really good. 'Point That Thing Somewhere Else' has been a favourite for years so to get some muso background was great.

Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Gratuitous plug mate.

Just started an online Radio Station playing 100% Alternative Kiwi Music.

Heaps of Flying Nun and much much more!

It’s called ‘Pure NZ Alt Radio’ and you tune in ‘free of charge’ here:

Can I please get you to give station a plug somewhere on your fine site?

Makes sound like puppy begging for food.

Let me know mate.


Pure NZ Alt Radio