Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trailer Tailing

Like all of you, I too have been repeatedly viewing the promo for the upcoming Wes Anderson feature The Darjeeling Limited. My hopes are 1) that it will reach the previous heights scaled by Rushmore and, to a lesser extent, The Royal Tenenbaums (was I the only one who found The Life Aquatic lacking?), and 2) that one of my favorite tunes by The Kinks--namely, This Time Tomorrow--will only be used in the trailer and not in the film itself. After its near-perfect placement during the most hopeful, uplifting scene in the stunning 2005 French flick Regular Lovers--with its luminous black and white imagery and eventually despairing story of 1968's lost innocence--why bother to use it in anything else?


Charmuh said...

Didn't like The Life Aquatic and retroactively disliked The Royal Tenenbaums after everyone I knew used it as a teddy bear.
I think I'm just tired of Owen Wilson's garbled delivery.

Disco:Very said...

I'll probably go see anything he makes, just to see what he's up to. I'd still rather see his failures (*cough* The Life Aquatic! *cough*) than Andrew Bujalski's two successes. Although, ultimately, I'd rather just watch Regular Lovers on a permanent loop. It's a wonderful film.