Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clouds of Joy (and Weirdness) (and WTF??)

If you were hoping to catch Dave Cloud at the ground floor, you're too late. To judge from a few of the previously unreleased tracks on his new career-spanning two-fer, Napoleon of Temperance (namely Belinda Purvis, Misengendered Mulatto Squandering Abeyance to Phantasmagoria, Sudden Stop and You Missed A Damn Good Chance), he's already taking the elevator through the Glass Ceiling of Crazy and is flying far into the stratosphere. It goes without saying, therefore, that Mr. Cloud is one of my favorite artists working today. He's my American Idol and Top Of The Pops rolled into one. And did I mention that he's completely crazy?

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vaiko said...

I really love your blog, I've had Disco Very in my favourites section for two and a half years now, and after such a long relationship I think you should really check out R Stevie Moore.