Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Singles Going Steady

At this point, John Waters could put out a CD of his own gastrointestinal biorhythms and I'd sell my sister's glass eye just to own it. So it reeks of obvious-osity that I'd be first in line to get A Date With John Waters, as much for Jet Boy Jet Girl (one of my all-time favorite New Wave gender-bending rave-ups) as for the bizarre John Prine track In Spite Of Ourselves. And if I may vulnerable-ize myself for a moment, I had no idea The Muppets were not the original creators of If I Knew You Were Comin' Id've Baked A Cake. Please don't laugh at me when I'm standing before you emotionally naked. And hairless.

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ErosLane said...

NPR had him on a week or so ago. You can hear the entire segment at this link, where he also plays selections from his new cd.


~ ErosLane