Thursday, February 15, 2007

Punky Brewster

Someone should have the bright idea to create a public smackdown concert between The Makers and Brainbombs, because I'd be as moist as a baby's nappy over the aural and visual delights therein. The Makers would be all like, "Look at us, we're singing Do What I Wanna and Angry Young Man and we're snarling and wearing our sunglasses onstage and flipping the audience the bird even though they paid to see us!"

This bratty tirade would be cut short, though, because the Brainbombs-while launching into Die You Fuck and Kill Them All--will have decapitated their rivals and stabbed them in the stomach and boiled everything into a stew before the lights have barely gone down. You might have assumptions on who the winner would be of such a confrontation, but you'd be wrong. The real winner would be: us, the viewing public. Oh yes, and the concert promoter, making moolah hand-over-ass from all the cable television and subsidiary rights.

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