Monday, February 05, 2007

K-9 Kapers!

Like all of you, I was immediately prepared to rabidly despise Dr. Dog, what with that band name, that cosmic album title (We All Belong), the scruffy long hair, the ramshackle Elephant 6 sound, their remarkably uncreative website, being fawned over by NPR, a few songs sounding like the most boring parts of The Basement Tapes, etc. But then those wonderful Abbey Road-style guitar riffs of Keep A Friend kick in and I'm butter in their arms. Why, I've even found myself humming along to the Lennon-esque Ain't It Strange with its odd percussion breaks and hidden vocal tracks. It's rather odd, this new tentative relationship I have with these proto-hippies, espcially considering they channel the dreadful Dead with such lines as, "Well, let's grab a case of lager/And some old beat-up shoes/Head down to the river/Strap on a canoe..." (Weekend). But considering how much this album entertains me overall, I'd say this is one dog I want humping my leg for a long time. A very very lo-o-o-o-nnnng time. No, I'm serious about this. I'm really really into dogs humping my leg. Yes. Dogs.

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