Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When This Blog's-a-Thrashing, Don't Come a-Smashing

No recent postings does not mean I'm lazy. I've simply been busy negotiating with Google, who--still high from their recent You Tube purchase--are now offering to buy my shit-hot Disco:Very for a reported $800 billion (their reasoning: when your readers are apparently too intimidated to post comments, it's gotta be the greatest blog around.) My woeful lack of public appearances makes me similar to the sad hairless Chihuahua genius we call Billy Corgan, and like Mr. Rat In A Cage, I'm here to tell you that great things are on track for the future. As some of you know I am indeed blogging again; blogging that comes from a place so pure it will burn the lies off the very souls of those who try to discount it. I have arrived at a place in my life where truth and honesty prevail and I am creating from that place, a place I call Honesty Prevails Village, a gated community for tortured artists and the people who suffer along with them. Be sure to visit the gift shop.

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