Friday, October 06, 2006

Mopey's Choice

Which is worse: hearing the original version of "In A Big Country" performed by Big Country, or the yuppie FM-lite version on that icky-twee Kohl's commercial? Would you rather endure the faux-50's stylings in Grease or this sickening embroidery pattern? When I'm in the mood to hear moody opera pop, I pick Sigur Ros, except when they dawdle between albums, in which case I head towards the upstart quasi-Sigur Ros-esque-ness of Faunts, who creates, well, high expecations with High Expectations (on their debut CD High Expectations/Low Results). Sure, Gone With The Day sounds a bit too too too, but if there aren't any Icelandic post-rock albums appearing on the (tundra) horizon, what else am I supposed to do--sit around and pout? It's not like I can embroider one of my own.

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