Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shot From A Canon

If Paul Schrader can pick the The Big Lebowski for his Film Cannon (in the September/October issue of Film Comment)--choosing it, mind you, before Sunset Boulevard, Gun Crazy and Salvatore Giuliano--I feel I can safely place Strum & Drum by the Sex Clark Five way up high at the top of my Definitive All-Time Greatest Albums Of All Time List (Canon). The angelic vocals of Fool I Was, those tentative White Boy rhythms in Alai, the curious subject matter blending the quest for nervous love (If You See Her With Me (Let Me Know), Girls Of Somalia) with precise descriptions of geo-political conflicts (Sarajevo)...all of it would sit nicely on my Western Canon trophycase (next to The Residents' Third Reich And Roll, Daniel Johnston's Hi. How Are You? and The Fall's This Nation's Saving Grace).


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks.
From half (or a third? who knows) of the angelic vocals,

Anonymous said...

My all time greatest albums canon woul d have to include Strange Man, Changed Man by Bram Tchaikovsky. He was the greatest of all Tchaikovskys.

neapolitan said...

sex clark five isn't just a band. they're a curriculum.

Tron Wood said...

The Sc5 are musically all over the map and I love them for it.