Friday, April 22, 2005

Un Slit Du Homme

Any song that actually encourages and celebrates the art of stealing is always going to be a gold record on my hit parade. Punk aficionados, start your engines: I give you a brand new recording of Shoplifting by The Slits. Hearing this insanely raw live version--taken from the overly-expensive import-only release Live At The Gibus Club--is quite a jolt, especially when compared to the relatively slicker studio effort released about one year later on Cut. For my money, there isn't a band on the planet that has ever sounded like these punk goddesses. They may have influenced a wide swatch of bands (Hole, Bikini Girl, Frightwig, The Butchies, etc) but they've always been in a league all their own. My hope is that this 1978 concert recording sells like mad, which will then bring about more Slits performances seeing the light of day. An odd sidenote: there appears to be censored edits during the second and final verses of this track (you can't miss them--listen for the ring of a cash register), yet the lines preceding them, "We paid fuck all!", remains. Odder still: another track, the previously unreleased "Enemy Numero Uno" has numerous expletives directed at an unruly audience member, with no bleeping inserted whatsoever. Am I the only one who finds it weird that the label (or the band?) wanted a "clean" version of a Slits song? Is there a Slits fan in existence who would care about the excessive cussing? I fucking doubt it.

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Slits Fan said...

Those edits are in the song because those live tracks were originally intended to be used in a movie that would have the band running around in Mexico because they robbed a bank or something like that. This was a brilliant McClaren idea that no one took seriously, fortunately.