Saturday, April 30, 2005

Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Buy Recordings Of It

If one really was able to employ a time machine to visit historical eras and witness events taking place which changed the course of history, why would you want to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Who would really want to observe first-hand the debut performance of Hamlet? My choice would be to transport to the year when New Dance In France was being recorded and ask its creators, "Why??" Why introduce Arkansas non-entity Bobby Lee Trammell as "...the very first American Beatle"? Why drop in fake applause every other verse? Why the ridiculous attempt at French lyrics? You can find this track on Wildsville, a collection of obscure 1950's/1960's no-hit-wonders a la Wavy Gravy and Las Vegas Grind. I myself found this cd used at Amoeba Records (along with a companion in the series, from which I might be posting later, entitled Weirdsville) but finding a place to order it on the web is proving difficult. You can try some stores in Australia or Germany, or you can write to the nice people at Midnight Records and see what they can do.


Anonymous said...

speaking of remembering the past, i saw in the new york times that hasil adkins died over the weekend. i thought, 'how weird -- hasil adkins made the new york times!'


Disco:Very said...

I saw that Hasil Adkins obit in the NYT as well. My guess was that someone in the Obit Dept. was a fan, otherwise, how would you explain it? I have a number of Adkins' records and yet blanked out his death when I was posting the day he died. My apologies. I think the entire world (if they're reading this blog) should be treated to "We Got A Date", one of his most warped songs ever.