Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ice Ice Maybe

Perhaps it loses something in the translation from Russian, but if Old Wainds are hoping to scare up more interest in their dark foreboding music, they should try naming their songs something more frightening than At The Gates Of Frosty Mountains, the title of which sounds like a children's ride at the Winter Wonderland theme park. Likewise Guardians Of The Icy Kingdom, which could be one of its gelato shops. I've had morning bowel movements more fraught with terror than these song titles--perhaps these Russkie Rockers would like me to send them the monikers I give my stools each dawning day? Request granted.


Highlander said...

or howsabout

'The Weird, Scary Guy That Lives Down The Street...Alone'
'That Nasty Troll Didn't Say Thank You'

Mind you Russia can get cold apparently so maybe the Ice references aren't too off over there.

Disco:Very said...

"That Nasty Troll Didn't Say Thank You" is a really good song title, and perhaps the first dark metal tune espousing the benefits of having good manners.