Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beatle-Dee, Beatle-Doo

Now that the latest album from Sir Paul McCartney, Memory Almost Full is hitting the stores, it's time to revisit the ongoing Beatles Solo Album Invitational to gauge which former Beatle--dead or alive--has produced the most amount of dreadful solo albums during the last 37 years since Yoko Ono viciously broke them up. By looking at the chart, we see that Paul McCartney is still leading the pack, despite the estate of John Lennon continuing to reissue every flatulence his body ever emitted. In order for Ringo Starr to even begin catching up to these two, he'd have to begin releasing--right now!--a completed new album every six months. This would entail working with a songwriter in tandem, one more prolific than he, but sadly, Elvis Costello has already been burned by his previous musical association with McCartney ("Veronica", anyone?). Robert Pollard would be a promising alternative, and--providing he can stay sober--it would be an amusing juxtaposition to hear Pollard's fake British accent singing alongside Starr's fake American one. Meanwhile, the paltry sum of albums generated by George Harrison make him "the quiet Beatle" in more ways than one! His lackadaisical production schedule can be blamed on his Zen/Hindu/Buddhist/pothead approach to life, resulting in a why-bother-to-make-another-worthless-album-
attitude, though the actual responsibility must be placed upon his ex-wife and children who (unlike The Dragon Lady Ono) appear to have no interest in milking his legacy at all, turning their noses up at the very thought of mining the vaults for valuable excerpts of third-rate demos recorded during his brief but torrid love affair with Jeff Lynne. Instead of organizing benefits for Madonna (i.e., Shanghai Surprise), he should have been endlessly recording his every waking days in an heroic attempt to overcome what now appears to be a sure-fire victory for his arch enemy Paul McCartney.


jonderneathica said...

To borrow a thought from another of your recent posts, how about Ringo Starr + Mark E. Smith? Or Mark E. Smith + Robert Pollard? The mind reels at the thought of their combined profligacy (is that the right word for prolific-ness?)

Mark said...

Lennon - dead
Harrison - dead
McCartney - alive

Further proof that there is no god.

Disco:Very said...

More proof that there is no god:

Disco:Very - Alive
God - Dead

jonderneathica said...

Mark E. Smith = alive
Jim Morrison = dead

And God saw that it was good.

Anonymous said...

I like that you used exclamation points in this post. It was so unlike you (they're usually reserved for your rants).

Disco:Very said...

I thought everything I posted was a rant! I must be going soft. Note to self: must become more rant-ier.