Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Death To The Death Pixies

What can you say about an electro-schlock duo from Sweden who call themselves The Bondage Fairies? A band who writes about consuming a platter of penis (Fingus Cooked My Cock)? Who, on tracks such as Pink-Eye Paranoia, sound like a more death-obsessed Pixies than The Pixies? Who frame their aspirations for masculinity (and lack thereof) within an Atari video game soundtrack (He-Man)? What can you say about a band like that? No, no, I'm asking you. I don't have the answer any more than you do. Think over your answer while you pre-order their debut cd (the amusingly-titled What You Didn't Know When You Hired Me) at


Anonymous said...

it's wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

That band is awesome. Smth very new. May be you'll tell that 8-bit music is not smth incredible, but these psycho-punks make it GREAT!
Unfortunately, can't buy their album in my country, but I downloaded everything I could find...It's worth it...
Especially like √Ąppeltysken