Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Chinese Democracy Of Rap

Can anyone tell me what the hell ever happened to Q-Tip? His fantastic debut solo album (Amplified) was released in 1999, so what's been taking his time up since then? You can't tell me he's still working on films such as The Visiting. And why does his record label continue to list the still-not-released follow-up Kamaal The Abstract on their website? Is this thing ever going to come out? Until these mysteries are solved, I'm going to curl up into a dark corner and play Vivrant Thing, Wait Up and Breathe And Stop on a permanent loop. Join me, won't you?


jon manyjars said...

I liked "End of Time" from "Amplified" too. Other than occasional acting gigs (like "She Hate Me") and guest spots on other hip hop artists' records, the Tipster (as Phife and I call him) really has been quiet. There was talk of an ATCQ reunion, but did it ever happen?

Anonymous said...

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