Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only in 3's

Because these things always happens in 3's, there will be one more music-related celebrity death by the end of today, and furthermore, just like Poly Styrene and Phoebe Snow, the third death will have the initials "PS". Based on this formula, here are my guesses:
1. Pete Seeger
2. Paul Simon
3. Paul Stanley
4. Peter Sframpton

Please don't send me any hate mail about this list. I am a music scientist, and this is my research.


jonder said...

I vote for Pauly Shore. I know he's not in the music biz, but I have nothing against any of your nominees (or Pat Smear, Paul Simenon, Penelope Spheeris, et al.)

Disco:Very said...

Pat Smear! Paul Simonon! Penelope Spheeris! Yes, of course! How could I forget them? I suppose it doesn't matter now since there hasn't yet been a dropping of the third shoe, so to speak.