Sunday, November 11, 2007

Homeless Is As Homeless Does

One of the pictures to the left shows Matthew Houck (who goes by the stage name Phosphorescent) on the cover of his latest album Pride, where he warbles familiar Southern Gothic tales of death and salvation, played at tempos as slow as a hangover. The remaining three are merely pictures of homeless winos sleeping in their own filth. Can you tell which album cover actually depicts Phosphorescent and which ones are images of homeless people?  It's harder than it looks!

Answer: In the end, when it comes to the meanings in Phosphorescent's music, aren't we all a little bit homeless?


anandamide said...

ummmmm....the one in the hotel? trick question?

jonderneathica said...

At my job one day, I had to call the state mental health crisis line on behalf of a homeless person who had attempted suicide. I was asked by the crisis line counselor, "Which county is he homeless in?" To which I responded, "All of them."