Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stacks of Wacks

Big deal. So a guy buys a Velvet Underground acetate at a yard sale for 75 cents and discovers it could be worth $150,000. I've got boxes full of those same acetates taking up space all over my house. I'm using one as a mouse pad right this minute. Hell, I've been making them into vinyl ashtrays to catch the ash off my $50-a-day smoking habit. If all you drooling indie kids are that ga-ga over all of this, a cheaper alternative might be to head over here where my man Taste has those same hella-rare tracks available as a free download. If you're still anxious to spread some green around, why not consider buying this shit-awful indie-by-the-numbers comp off me that I stupidly picked up used a few weeks back? It's got all the darlings of the ATP crowd, which just happen to be all the bands I hate with a violent, seething red-eyed anger: Modest fucking Mouse, Elliot fucking Smith, Pedro the fucking Lion, Minus the fucking Bear, Of fucking Montreal, etc, etc. My going price just happens to be, oh, say, $150,000.

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Bonerrr said...

hey ma thaks for passing by, i will add your page to my links, stay tune for more trojan boxes !