Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock Softly And Carry A Big Schtick

If we're to believe the article seen in the September 2006 issue of Spin, muscally tepid acts such as Okkervil River, Foutains Of Wayne and Ryan Adams have been publicly embracing the snooze-inducing tunes by such squishy-core mid-70's outfits as Hall and Oates, America, Supertramp and the artistically reprehensible Bread. The day I'm forced to listen to softy-pop 70's folksters as a new cutting-edge schtick tactic, I'll toss my weight behind The Boat Family, a quirky (quasi political) ditty recorded by The Roches--the only sibling singers slightly less weird than The Jacksons. While I'm unable to decipher exactly how the "piece of chocolate" singing to us in the introductory verse suddenly skips towards the issue of ocean-bound immigration by the end, this track has already given me more hours of enjoyment than a single line from "Baby I'm A Want You."


Anonymous said...

Have you actually listened to Okkervil River? Judging by your description of them as "musically tepid," I'd say definitely not. Try giving bands a listen before passing on a rag's spoon-fed proclamations.

Disco:Very said...

I try not to actually listen to the bands I make fun keeps things interesting that way, don't you agree?