Saturday, January 13, 2007

They Hunt Deers, Don't They?

Who are Deerhunter, and why did it take Underneathica so long to turn me on to them? How did kids so very young get a sound so steeped in the post-punk art-squall of This Heat, Swell Maps, Chrome and Wire? How could a group of unseemly 12-year-olds come up with such brilliant songs as Cryptograms, Tree Spies and Tech School? Here I am, old enough to be their great-great-great grandfather who can't grow a moustache and yet these boys with a collective age of 42 are writing better music than Jesus Christ. It warms my dark twisted heart to hear them kicking up an aural dust storm instead of taking their musical cues from the Garden State soundtrack, like most tykes of their generation. Let's hope they run for President someday.


preston craig said...

Hahaah... if I'm not mistaken they're all in their 20's. Not quite 12.

jon manyjars said...

Yeah, and your math is off too, Pete. Five 12 year olds would have a collective age of 60! Better up the dose on your Aricept, old man.

Mr. Fresh said...

Wow. Does no one here have any concept of hyperbole or humor? Sheesh.