Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Drum's Not Dead

The pop marketplace is a harsh mistress. Trying to sell Showtunes, Stephin Merritt's fey Chinese opera sountrack, to even the most ardent fan of The Magnetic Fields is going to be difficult. This rewarding but challenging work concerns a complex storyline taking place during the Ming Dynasty, thereby automatically overloading it with pretext (and pretense). It isn't likely to heat up the Billboard charts on the strengths of Little Maiden Of The Sea or And He Would Say... alone and is probably in need of a lot of controversy to shift units. I recommend a well-placed quote from Merritt proclaiming The Flower Drum Song as the best musical in American theatre, followed by frequent live renditions of "I Enjoy Being A Girl".

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Bootie said...

Hey there...nothing wrong with a good mashup! Of course we're biased, :-) . Mashups/bootlegs/bastard pop is a production technique, not a genre, so it'll be "over" when *remixes* are "over". Sure it's been a fad at different times to different people, but while the tools are there, and there are still creative - or just plain fun- and good ideas, music will continue to F-ed with.

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Happy 2007!