Sunday, January 29, 2006

Add One Cup Instability, Mix Well With Tone-Deaf Vocals

There are three main components which go into creating the perfect pop song, and Vile Vile Grass (by The Red Krayola) has them all: 1. Hesitant, unstable guitar work; 2. Rushed, off-key singing; 3. Paranoid ramblings overly concerned with Tarzan which then spiral into a nervous breakdown. This is one of the few accessible tracks on 1999's otherwise "difficult" Fingerpainting (and by "difficult", I actually mean jarringly brilliant). You can find it at Drag City.


jon manyjars said...

Thanks for the info about Johnny Glenn. Was he on the Arizona Disease compilation?

Andrea said...

Have you heard about the Red Krayola documentary that's in the works? Sounds promising. I think the band (ie Mayo & whoever he's collaborating with these days) will be touring in the fall.

I have an interview with Mayo here:

(Here via Underneathica!)