Thursday, May 05, 2005

Playing With The Majors

What I am about to say will confound and amaze you: I actually enjoy it when major corporations use pop songs in their commercials. If a mainstream ad campaign helps bring more audiences to appreciate Nick Drake, Trio or The Caesars, isn't that a benefit to advancing great music? Sure, Carnival Cruise Line looks pretty stupid milking "Lust For Life", an ode to the joys of heroin addiction, to peddle their oceanic yuppie movers, but I'd rather hear Karen O singing on the Spike Jonze Nike commercial than...well, I don't know exactly how to finish that sentence. I mention all this simply because I finally found a used copy of Street Mix: Music From Volkswagen Commercials (Volume 1), which, I'm ashamed to say, took me so long to find that Volume 2 came out in the interim (lacking, for some reason, Ariel Ramierez by Richard Buckner). Volume 1 contains a lot of tracks we all own already (Pink Moon, Da Da Da, etc), but it has one track that seems to be available only on this cd: Jung At Heart by Master Cylinder. This was the song used in the ad where almost everyone on the street--a boy dribbling a ball, a man sweeping the sidwalk--are all moving to the same funky drummer. Try to forgive the gawd-awful pun of the track's title, and good luck finding this cd for sale anywhere on the web. Every copy seems to have disappeared, and I have no intention of selling mine.

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