Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bless the Beasts and the Children (Except for Children Adopted by Celebrities, and Certain Beasts Who Use Their Claws as Murder Weapons)

While Disco:Very was deeply saddened to hear of Benazir Bhutto's demise, one still must question the decision to hold such a volatile political rally directly in front of the tiger cage at the San Francisco zoo. It doesn't take a brilliant blogger to see where that tango step was going to land. Sorrow and pity must also be expressed over the imminent loss of the free 2006 Disco:Very year-end downloads, which will be removed in less than 48 hours to make room for the newly-commissioned 2007 Disco:Very year-end download, which should rear its slimy head sometime on New Year's Day (I'm crowning as we speak).

If you missed out on last year's byte-o-rama, this is your last chance to grab them as bona fide downloads (henceforth, they will be mail order only). Disc One is here and Disc Two is here; titles/names can be downloaded here. Please note that Pakistan will be withholding all elections while all downloads are proceeding. Democracy is a wondrous thing but only if citizens are obeying the fascist ordinance keeping it in place.