Monday, May 28, 2007

Picking Up The Slack

I'm two years late in discovering it, but my new favorite rite of passage for aspiring jockies attempting a brave new world of remixes for The Black Album has to be DJ N-Wee's The Slack Album, which employs the Pavement classic Slanted And Enchanted as a gritty backdrop for Jay Z's 2003 quasi-final statement. In this case, your initial response will probably mirror your reactions to the humor in my posts: first, you cry. Eventually, you find youself laughing and having a good time, tapping your fingers on the table while 99 Problems Here emits from your audio device of choice, dancing a gleeful jig to Loretta Clarity and blasting Trigger 4th from your lowrider as you roll along the avenue. These mash-up albums are also similar to my blog in that they both eventually encourage cancer cells to take root in your brain, growing larger week after week, killing you off ever-so-slowly. I brake for rainbows.

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